Cold block process technology

Efficiency and quality perfected

From product and process development to component selection and design to on-site installation and commissioning, we offer comprehensive solutions.

Cold block process technology

Everything from a single source for the cold block process

At Ziemann Holvrieka you get everything from a single source, both for the warm block and the cold block process. Our many years of experience and technological support enable maximum efficiency, process reliability and of course – outstanding beer quality.

Process design: Individual solutions for your success

Our cold block solutions are characterised by maximum efficiency and process reliability. With the help of 3D visualisations, we plan your project in detail and ensure short distances and easy access to components and utilities. Our independent component selection guarantees you the right solution for economy, technology and reliability. As we are independent of suppliers for the individual components, we can always select the best possible solution for our customers in terms of economy, technology and reliability.

Yeast management: Perfect yeast for best results

With our diverse portfolio, we are delighted to provide you with comprehensive solutions for all your yeast management needs. From efficient yeast propagation plants to reliable harvest yeast storage systems, we have got you covered. Additionally, we specialise in waste yeast handling, ensuring that every aspect of your yeast management process is streamlined and optimised for maximum effectiveness.

Fermentation and storage: experience and quality

With over 170 years of experience, we are a world leader in the design of custom fermentation and storage tanks. The quality of the internal surfaces is crucial for cleaning effectiveness and biological safety.

Tank cooling and insulation: Efficient technology for optimal temperatures

Proper tank cooling is essential for removing fermentation heat and maintaining specified temperatures. Our customized cooling surfaces guarantee the best results. Our CFC-free insulation with the Ziemann Holvrieka stainless steel roof ensures maximum service life of the system.

Cleaning and automation: Hygienic and safe solutions

With our high hygienic standards and the right automation you will achieve highest product safety and low consumption. Our automation solutions give you full process control.

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On-site production: Everything under control on site

Our experienced supervisors coordinate on-site manufacturing and ensure smooth implementation. Leveraging our expertise and experience in on-site production, we offer a seamless solution for tank fabrication. In situations where delivery of tanks in one piece poses challenges such as high transportation costs or infrastructure limitations, we excel at manufacturing the tanks directly on site at your brewery. Our skilled team prefabricates the individual components at the factory, adhering to regional regulations. The assembled parts are then shipped to the erection site, where they effortlessly come together, ensuring top-notch quality and timely completion. Count on us for a reliable and efficient on-site tank fabrication process.

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Components and Utilities

When you partner with us, you can rest assured that all your components and utilities will be sourced from a single, reliable, and experienced provider. Unlike other companies, we are not bound to a specific manufacturer, granting us the unique advantage of choosing the very best solutions for you. Our meticulous selection process takes into account three crucial factors: Economy, Technology, and Reliability.

Trust in our references

We have been building breweries since 1852 and have successfully implemented projects worldwide for both medium-sized breweries and international corporations. Convince yourself of our expertise and let our references impress you.


  • Maximum process and product safety
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple monitoring
  • Resource and energy savings
  • Efficient cleaning