Dragonfly Chamber Mash Filter

Dragonfly by Ziemann: Advancing Lautering Efficiency with Chamber Mash Filtration.

Dragonfly by Ziemann is a remarkable chamber mash filter that revolutionises the lautering process in the brewing industry. Designed as a thin-layer chamber mash filter with expansive filtration areas, Dragonfly delivers exceptional performance and efficiency.

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Key benefits

Unbeaten Brewing Capacity

Dragonfly accomplishes an impressive 16 brews per day, what makes it the fastest filter on the market. Its efficient design allows for more brew sequences, increasing productivity and output.

Cost-Effective Solution

With Dragonfly, you benefit from 30 percent lower investment costs compared to alternative options. Furthermore, its minimal space requirements optimise the utilisation of available brewing area, maximising operational efficiency.

Superior Wort Quality

Dragonfly’s advanced technology ensures excellent wort quality with the lowest turbidity values and the highest yields. This guarantees exceptional beer production and enhances overall brewing outcomes.

Minimal Maintenance

Dragonfly eliminates the need for membranes, resulting in increased service reliability and significantly reduced maintenance costs. You can enjoy hassle-free operations and focus on brewing excellence.


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Thin-Layer Chamber Design

Dragonfly’s thin-layer chamber mash filter design enables efficient and precise filtration. It adapts to various mash compositions, providing flexibility in processing raw grains and supporting high gravity brewing.

High-Performance Mechanical System

The press frame of Dragonfly is equipped with a robust and high-performance mechanical system. This system ensures extremely short idle times during “opening,” “removal of spent grains,” and “closing,” maximising the available time for the lautering process.

Enhanced Process Control

Dragonfly’s advanced process control capabilities optimise performance and efficiency. It streamlines the lautering process, delivering consistent results and facilitating seamless operation.

Unmatched Efficiency

Dragonfly’s expansive filtration areas, coupled with its efficient design, enable increased brew sequences, maximising productivity and reducing overall operational time.

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