Conical Bottom Whirlpool Wortex

Wortex by Ziemann is a groundbreaking whirlpool vessel designed for optimal wort treatment in the beer brewing process. With innovative features and precise engineering, it sets itself apart as a hidden champion in the industry, significantly influencing the final product's quality, thermal load, and wort losses.

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Key benefits

Enhanced Wort Quality

Wortex ensures the desired trub cone formation, minimal wort content, and maximum yield, guaranteeing superior wort quality.

Improved Efficiency

The inverted conical bottom with three wort outlets offers higher efficiency and reduced drainage speed, resulting in shorter whirlpool rest periods and increased daily brewing capacity.

Reduced Thermal and Kinetic Stress

With its unique design, Wortex minimises thermal and kinetic stress on delicate wort components, preserving their integrity and flavor.

Optimal Wort Flow

The variable flow speed enables precise control of the “teacup effect,” ensuring optimal wort circulation and separation.

Customisable Dimensions

Height-to-diameter ratio and diameter variations cater to specific hop-loading strategies, accommodating craft breweries with high hop dosing requirements.

Integrated Cleaning System

Wortex incorporates a highly effective integrated cleaning unit, ensuring easy maintenance and hygiene.

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Inverted Conical Bottom

The two-degree sloped bottom allows for three wort outlets, promoting compact trub cone formation and maximum yield.

Versatile Height-to-Diameter Ratio

The height-to-diameter ratio can be adjusted between 0.25 and 0.45, offering flexibility in response to different hop-loading strategies.

Precise Wort Flow Control

The variable flow speed enables optimal “teacup effect” performance, providing customisable wort treatment.

Customisable Dimensions

Wortex comes in diameter options ranging from 2,300 mm to 7,400 mm, accommodating various brewhouse capacities.

Integrated Cleaning Unit

The whirlpool vessel includes a highly efficient cleaning system, ensuring easy maintenance and hygiene.

Customer quotes

“Our Ziemann Whirlpool is the gem of our brewhouse. It enables minimum turbidity in combination with shortest Whirlpool rest periods because of its unique design. No matter if it’s our Prototype double IPA with 60 bitter units or our Hardcore IPA with 150 bitter units, there is always a compact trub cone in the center, which doesn’t collapse when the wort is strained. I’ve not heard of any performing better than the one I bought from Ziemann.”

Martin Dickie
BrewDog PLC, Ellon, Scotland

“Our yields have improved dramatically. This Ziemann brewhouse technology and this unique whirlpool design help us to get the last drop of wort out of the trub, even with the Rodeo Clown, our Double IPA with an OG of 21.5°P and 85 Bitter Units.”

Eric Warner
Karbach Brewing Company, USA

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